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Toy Flavor Radio Season Two / Episode One. February 20th, 2020

The goal was to present the very best of soundtracks from a mix of mediums and tell a little history about the composers behind these great soundtracks. Music in movies, video games and TV are forever present in our consciousness but rarely given the top respect they deserve unless at the academy awards. A good soundtrack is so embedded into our lives, much of what we grew up on can be easily recalled with just a few hums of a familiar tune.

Think back to your first experience watching your favorite cartoon. Was it “The Flintstones”? The Smurfs? How about your first favorite show as a teen? Was it “Friends”? Think about the theme music involved in these shows and how it triggers a sense of pure happiness as you connect with the humor or drama of what made your favorite show so special.

The Toy Flavor Radio: Soundtracks show is all about returning your memories to you. Here’s what you can hear in this episode:

  • School House Rock’s Conjunction Junction

  • Rozen Maiden

  • Theme from Star Trek: Picard

  • Cuphead (Video Game) – Introduction

  • The Partridge Family – C’mon Get Happy

  • The Rise of Skywalker

  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

  • The Luck You Got – from Shameless

  • Monument Valley 2 Impossible Worlds

  • One Day at a Time

  • Man of Steel

  • Yu Yu Hakusho

  • Big Rich Town

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